Lightweight design on the next level

AMendate transfers a design space into an organic shaped part design – perfectly adapted to its loads. Thus, material and consequently weight is reduced, enabling a better cost-efficiency wihtin production and operation. Have a look at the comparison of the initial design space and the resulting design enabled by AMendate for the example of an upright for the formula student racing team of Paderborn University:

Design SpaceAMendate Design
Average Weight Savings 40%
AM Experience 100%
Time Savings 80%

AMendate – simply clever

AMendate significantly simplifies the work of product optimization: Setting up the topology optimization is kept easy in order to abolish frustration for the user. The work is transferred to clever algorithms conducting all necessary steps for generating an amazing design. Incredibly fast and satifsfying.

At a glance: What makes AMendate so special

AMendate consists of several different elements where each has a very special and unique function. Combined, this results in a powerful software solution that offers high-speed, perfectly shaped structures and a superior user experience. This is the result of a software developed from the user perspective!